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Road Trip!

This just in: The Raintrees recently took a trip up the Pacific Coast from California into Oregon and back, visiting Libraries along the way!


High time for a redesign, no?

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Our family just got bigger - wanna see?

We have collected a few quotes that we find memorable.

In his spare time (ha!) Mark gets into a little hardwood furniture making.

Perfect drink



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New Link: Random Kitties!


We got married!  Okay, well, we were already married, but we had a second honeymoon!  Does that count?  Celebrating 10 years, here's enough pics and movies to bore you to tears.  Only now you have the option of closing your browser, instead of trying to figure out how to politely leave our slide-show presentation early... "But you have to see the slides of the seals!  Don't leave yet!!"


Okay, well, yeah, the second honeymoon page is still being set up.  Hey, I had a lot of catching up to do! :)


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