Sloan and Damian Coleman's Wedding



Boys, keep in line!


Criss and Mark


Criss an Mark receding...


Heh, heh, heh...


Da Boys...


Da Girls...


Bride's Parents


Bride's Siblings


Normal family behavior


Are you for real?


Smile, everyone!


The groom's family


She said that? I thought he said that?


Everybody smiling


We're supposed to what?


Naw... really?


That's what IM talking about...


Did you see the look on his face?


The bride...


A table-eye view...


Dad's hitting the punch hard!



I'M not eating anything...


She's escaping!


Yes, those are flip-flops!




Bald man skating


He's comin' right for us!


I'm getting out of here!


I'm not even going to talk about it...


I'm outta here, too!


I'm supposed to stand here how long?


Mother of the bride


My grin is frozen...


Now, look that way




Pre-ceremony exchange




Stand right here


The Altar


Tara engrossed


There's no film, right?


The boys taking on Tara


The couple and the Pastor


The guys just hangin'


This is how its done...




Good thing the Secret

Service was there...