Raintree's Second Honeymoon!


We went to San Diego, California!

Thanks goes to Lewis Black.  After listening to him talk about San Diego, we decided that the watch word of this event was going to be: Nice!  Note:  Updates and corrections will be made daily until I get overwhelmed :)


First of all, this whole package was put together by Patti at AAA - Thanks, Patti!  Great deals, discounts on much, and she planned it all in about two hours, with confirmations.

We rented a 2007 Toyota Solara Convertible from Hertz - Nice!


Drove like a dream,  cruise control, electric top, excellent sound system, Sirius Satellite radio (which brings back the days of AM - dropped out when going under bridges and buildings).  Very roomy, and very zoomy.  We were able to listen to 2 books on CD:  Rita Mae Brown's The Hunt Ball, and Janet Evanovich's Metro Girl - Both quite entertaining.

We went to Lake San Marcos and stayed at the San Marcos Resort - Nice!


The resort had lakeside rooms.  A healthy screen kept the critters out.  We arrived at night and discovered the view the next morning.  We were graced by a swan on the lake, and a heron came to check us out.  We had breakfast at the golf club's restaurant, across the lake.

Then, it was LegoLand!


The tower was built by kids, parents, and staff.  The local news showed a few kids working on it before the gates opened.  Apparently, they were building several block components over the Memorial Day weekend, and attempting the tallest Lego structure record.  The patterned rug is Legos assembled sideways - like marquetry - Really neat!  It got us thinking of new designs for our house :)  The sun dial looked like a good fit for our next garden.  According to Dan Cohn there are Easter Eggs hidden through the exhibits, as well - Too bad we did not check in with him first to be on the lookout!

Next, we headed down to Coronado Island, and checked into Loewe's Coronado Resort - Nice!



Sea World was WET!


Okay, it's ZOO TIME!


Koala 1

Koalas 1


Koala 2

Koalas 2


Koala 3

Koalas 3


Koalas 4

Koalas 4


African Royal Antelope

African Royal Antelope



Camel (Ham, actually)


Klipspringer and Mongooses

Klipspringer and Mongooses


Meerkat 1

Meerkats and Armadillo


Meerkats 2