Moving Pictures.  No, not motion pictures.


Empty House


Just a few boxes.

I was worried about running out, you know?


Diane's old office


Raintree Solutions.



Dining room.

With a view of the neighbors.




The truck awaits...


Camping in the bedroom.


Someone took our hot tub!


Wiring part one


Wiring part two


Patched, not mudded


Patched, mudded

Very Full House


Getting electrical ready

for Diane's desk


Kitchen O' Boxes


Front room


Harold, the Shefflera

made it!


Hidden piano


My Desk



View from the front door


View of house from front yard






Stray cat strut: Fuzzy


Stray cat strut: Bob


Stray cat strut: Patches


Stray cat strut: Princess Judy


Stray cat strut: Black Stuff



Fort Dick, the town.


Church Gym and Four way cross road


Ft. Dick Market and meeting place



Our post office  



Guess which one is ours?



Mugshots, Espresso and more!



Holli serves the drinks with a smile



If you're really nice, Mariah

may use her Scottish lilt...


The Thai restaurant and

prison stop light


Back up Kings Valley Cross Road

Toward our house (we're on the left)