Gold Beach

94341 3rd Street, open 10-5 on Saturdays

A lovely library set back from the coast a bit - Finding it was fairly easy by following the signs. Recently built, very nice layout, dedicated areas for different age groups.

Port Orford

142 Oregon Street, open 1-5 on Saturdays

Right of the main highway on the ocean side. We happened to arrive during a Friends of the Library Book Sale.


1204 11th Street SW, open 10:30-5 on Saturdays

Out of order when traveling North, but we had an ulterior motive for the arrangement - We also stopped in at our favorite chocolatiers' shop for lunch (Coastal Mist).

The library took a bit of finding, follow the signs heading for the coast. Big, quite a bit of echoes from the large front desk area.


48234 US 101, open 11-6 on Saturdays

Probably the cutest of the group - The Library has managed to fit quite a large offering in a smaller building. Very light and airy, a pleasure to sit in.