Storage Ottoman



This is a storage Ottoman I made for Diane.  She crochets, and the cats think that all of her projects are SUPPOSED to have cat fur in them.  So I gave her a place to tuck her projects away when she is not working on them.

The construction of the carcass is entirely of mortise and tenon joinery, requiring no hardware fasteners.  In fact, the only metal in the project is the hinges, the screws that hold the hinges in place, and the chain that keeps the lid from opening too far.  The lid's braces are notched for long crochet needles, and are strong enough that I use the Ottoman as a step stool.  I put rails in to support version 2.0, a tray to sit towards the top (plan for upgrades, right?).

The frame wood is maple, and came from neighbors next door that were throwing away a few planks of the stuff - Score!  The panels are a red oak plywood veneer.  The finish is one of my favorites, a simple polyurethane.