Woo Woo Class 101


Woo Woo Class 101

Last week I was out riding my road bike by myself out in the country. It was early evening and I was heading home on a beautiful stretch of road that if not for the white trash that lived along it, it would fit nicely into Sunset Magazine. Maybe the Editors could be talked into an article that explained how "They" live.
I was tooling along nicely. I tried not to use the word tool as it would get fouled up in my story but at this point its all I've got. As I was riding towards this house that was set back about 40 feet from the road. I saw that there was a middle age woman dressed in her "I've given up on life" yard work clothing. She was standing at the bottom of the porch steps with a green watering hose, dousing her plants. She was completely oblivious of her shirtless trashbucket spouse two steps above her with his wanger out shaking it at her, going woo woo.
Just as I sped into his field of vision (not dreams), he quickly floundered to put his trout back into his waders. Just as quickly as his God given guilt told him to hide his Herring, the Brotherhood of Man took over and he continued woo wooing with it in one hand and waved at me with the other. I raised my fist in the air, "right on brother"!!!! The woman was oblivious or probably could have cared less. 
Ladies........this is what we do. Baby boys in the cradle will practice the woo woo sound! You could place any man in the world on those steps and except for the Ken Doll he would have performed the same ritual. Even if it was going unnoticed or acknowledged!
We even all know how to make truck sounds!!!!!

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2005 Charlie Meehan